Ezio Astesano

EZIO ASTESANO, born in 1965 from Pinerolo ("a little seasoned" but, according to others, still "strong" ...)

Alpine Ski Instructor since 1985, II Level Alpine Ski Trainer since 1996, Snowboard Instructor since 1989 and finally Snowboard Trainer since 1996.
Always a lover of sport: from mountain running competitions, in youth, to those of SKI ROLL; then many years of motocross racing and now an enduro enthusiast.
He started skiing at the age of ten with his brother, Ugo Astesano (also a ski instructor), thanks to the RIV courses of Villar Perosa; he then joined the "historic" Ski Club MIchellonet (founded at the time by M ° Paolo Olivero and M ° Michele Chambon), training and competing - he finished training, which led him to become a Ski Instructor, at the Borgata ski club under the guidance of Maestro Claudio Challier.

In winter specialties: since 1985 with the Borgata Ski Club and, at the same time, with the Borgata Sestriere Ski School and finally, for the last four seasons, in the Pragelato Ski Club.
He has also collaborated in the planning of National and Physical Competitions, for the BABY & PUPPIES (Golden Egg) and YOUTH categories.

The main work activity is that of plumbing: he started at the age of 16 in the Pope's company, (specialized in aqueducts and methane pipelines) and has been working on his own for many years.

Disciplines practiced