Kit Sicurezza Freeride

ARVA is an electronic tool used to search for people in an avalanche.
The device can be activated in transmission mode and in reception (or search) mode.
It is worn by the user in transmission mode. When it is necessary to search for one or more swept by an avalanche, rescuers switch their equipment into reception mode to locate the transmitter of the swept.
Currently (2016) almost exclusively digital devices with three antennas are marketed because the best technological level is also reflected in better performances in terms of time needed to search for one or more overwhelmed, and in visual aids and not supplied to the user by part of the tool, especially in the case of multiple searches.
The correct use of the Artta is closely linked to the in-depth knowledge, as well as the apparatus, of the research techniques that must be learned in specific courses and constantly and periodically exercised in order to achieve the necessary confidence to speed up the search operations. as the greatest chance of survival of an overthrow occurs when it can be traced and unearthed within 15 minutes of the event.
The Artva, intended to be used by anyone frequent snowy terrain in the mountains, adds significant probability of salvation to the swept by avalanches as it allows the rescue intervention within the precious first minutes of burial without waiting for the arrival on site of teams of rescue.
The Artva must always be worn as much as possible in direct contact with the body and under clothing, to avoid loss in the fall and to prevent the low temperatures from affecting the performance of the batteries.
Equally important is to accompany the use of the Arva having available as an individual equipment the snow shovel and the probe.
The blade, to be effectively useful and effective, must preferably be made of metal, although there are some light plastic types which, however, do not guarantee the same performances on compact snow. The probe, foldable on itself, can be either aluminum or titanium or carbon. 
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