Fischer Rc4 Worldcup SC

This package with RACETRACK plate is engineered for quick turns. A tight line becomes a masterpiece of agility and aggression thanks to top World Cup technology and its precise edge finish. Directly from the racing lab.
The geometry makes it successful
The success comes from its geometry. The world champion maker relies on a successful concept: 122-68-103 is the perfect sidecut in Slalom, which allows a radius of 13 m. For aggressive, short turns.
RACETRACK plate for ideal ski flex
The Racetrack plate ensures perfect, free ski flex. Snow contact – which is crucial in skiing – is optimized as a result and leads to direct power transfer. This means that the energy which is used is absorbed directly by the ski without any losses.
This ski turns heads
With its eye-catching and minimalistic surface the WC RC is not only the fastest ski on the mountain, is world class design also make sit the most coveted.
Ski measure: 155cm 160cm 165cm 170cm
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