Fischer RC4 The Curv Dtx

Extremely dynamic turn behavior – thanks to DiagotexTM and Triple Radius – makes this ski with its bright yellow World Cup base and original Race finish so special. With Free Milled Titanium this ski is made for demanding skiers who push their equipment to the limit.
Perfect control with Triple Radius
The Triple Radius shape of THE CURV enables better control and power transfer throughout the entire turn – starting with exact turn initiation, then the precise gliding phase on the edge, up to the final acceleration at the end of the turn.
Torsion is the enemy of control
DIAGOTEX TM is an innovative diagonal carbon grid for top torsional stability. DIAGOTEX TM helps counteract centrifugal forces in high-speed turns so you stay perfectly on track. Maximum power and stability in turns.
Ski measure: 171cm 178cm
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