Fischer RC4 The Curv GT

For optimum stability in every situation: The Curv GT. With remarkably dynamic turn behavior thanks to Diagotex™ and Triple Radius, enhanced by extremely robust Free Milled Titanium. A masterpiece in design with its original Slalom World Cup base featuring base inserts.
A true innovation winner
With great stability that can handle any speed in the curve, the Curv GT provides maximum power. Its shape enables the most efficient power transfer and extremely dynamic performance as a result.
Uncompromisingly stable
This ski offers optimum stability and maximum stability with its 80mm width. It provides absolute control in any curve, at any speed, for unrestricted performance.
Best quality on the mountain
Its original World Cup Base makes this ski a secret weapon that delivers top speed both in steep sections and when gliding. Its base inserts offer maximum protection against base burn.
Ski measure: 175cm
phone: +39 351.9004441