Jones solution splitboard

Every problem has a solution. And the Solution Splitboard from Jones is always the right solution! No matter what terrain, whatever snow conditions and no matter how demanding the tour may be, the Solution Split will go along with you and make your snow-covered face smile.

The Solution has a directional shape which increases float and stability at speed. In deep snow the blunt nose makes sure less snow comes over the sides of your nose than it would with a regular shape. This means you get the benefits of a longer traditional nose, without the extra weight. Edges like a serrated knife slicing into the snow, Traction Tech 2.0 improves your edge grip by adding multiple contact points along the running length of your board.

The directional rocker profile has an under-foot camber with a larger rocker area in the nose than in the tail. The float of the rockered nose improves manoeuvrability while the camber underfoot provides edge hold and response. The slightly rockered tail maintains power and stability.
Quick Tension Tail features a built-in climbing skin tension system using pre-cut notch that eliminates the need for a traditional skin tail clip.
A stiff flex (8/10) will ensure very precise response and control.
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