Burton Felix girl

The Burton Felix Boa® reformulates the highest performance tech into an all-around performer that’s slightly softer and more forgiving on your finances. But don’t be mistaken, one look at the features and you’ll see that no budget was saved on the performance of this boot, with the convenience and sure fit of the Dual Zone Boa® Coiler® closure system. The women’s specific True Fit® design ensures a more harmonious connection because every element of this boot has been designed and engineered around women.
The Dual Zone Boa® Coiler® closure system is unbeatable, it is fast, super strong and offers micro-adjustability for dialling in the perfect balance between flex and support. This system allows you to tighten the upper and lower zones independently of each other with two separate coiler spools. This results in a secure and consistent fit throughout the boot with a greater hold in the heel pocket for an overall more comfortable feel. All Burton Boa® boots have the virtually indestructible, warrantied for Life performance of Burton-exclusive New England Rope laces.
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