Fischer RC4 The Curv CB

Created for unlimited dynamic turn action, thanks to superior Triple Radius technology. Free Milled Titanium and the highly stable DiagotexTM make these stand out and give you grip on any slope. With original World Cup base to protect the ski from burning out through heat build-up.
Pure adrenalin for uncompromising skiers
The race machine for experts – made from the best materials. Absolute performance developed by skiing legends Hans Knauss, Mike von Grüningen and Kristian Ghedina.
The original from the World Cup
The two-section Curv Booster plate makes cornering extremely quick and ensures optimum power transfer to make every turn breathtaking.
Perfect control with Triple Radius
The Triple Radius shape of THE CURV enables better control and power transfer throughout the entire turn – starting with exact turn initiation and the precise gliding phase on the edge up to the final acceleration at the end of the turn.
Ski measure 178cm
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