Enrica Tessore

Born in 1984, he has been a ski instructor since 2005, Alpine level II level coach since 2007. He has been a member of the Western Alps Committee and of the National University for which he participated in the Universiade of Innsbruck 2005 and Torino 2007. Italian university champion in 2004, Italian champion ski instructor 1st category in 2006, two silvers at the World Championships of Bormio 2002 and Pra Loup 2006. From 2007 to today she is a professional testator for the magazine Sciare Magazine for alpine skiing and since 2012 also for freeride and ski mountaineering . It is a CAI sectional ski mountaineering instructor for the Pinerolesi Valley Intersection School. Today he is mainly dedicated to ski mountaineering, freeride and steep skiing, from the first to the last seasonal bow! It loves to go in search of the powder from Norway to Japan, but our valleys remain its favorite playground and will lead you to discover them safely in their most hidden and magical corners. Graduated in dentistry and specialist in orthodontics, she is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of malocclusions in her family studies in Turin and Perosa Argentina with particular attention to postural correlations.
Info: info@passionskischool.com
phone: +39 351.9004441

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