Alex Favaro, III level coach, lover and enthusiast of skiing and mountains, has the desire to put his passion, correlated by a varied experience, available to all those who love this wonderful and exciting adrenaline sport with the aim of improving notably the technique.

Each sportsman who decides to participate in the intensive internship will be part of a group where, through an individual educational path, he will see his technical gestures improve as well as individual skills will take shape and substance, immediately setting clear and ambitious growth objectives.

The experience in the field enriched by an initial theoretical briefing will be correlated by video footage on which we will extrapolate corrections and comparisons that will thus represent the winning mix to make this experience not only a moment to improve technically but also a path of personal growth as well as fun.

How does the internship take place?
After reaching the chosen location, we will meet for an initial briefing where you will be provided with the notions aimed at aligning the professional's thinking with yours.
We will discuss the modern technique, the four fundamental movements of skiing and the evolution of the technique and the tool, making this moment a pleasant moment to exchange opinions and ideas.

During the moments on the field instead we will go to face pre-established work points such as: natural arch, basic technique, curve arches and finally the competitive curve.

Video shooting will be the main method of correction and comparison of all your pleasant descents.

We have chosen breathtaking locations, with technical level slopes suitable for those who want to get involved and have fun while improving!

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